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Upon signing up at PacMe, you will get your own mailbox number, in the format Z9999.  You should append this number to our warehouse address when entering your delivery address in online forms.


Your PacMe mailing address is written below (when logged in, it will appear in the upper right corner of most pages.  Try to follow this format exactly whenever possible (replace "Z9999" with your mailbox number):


Your Name
14960 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd Ste 103
Ste 103 - Z9999 Pacme
Sherwood, OR 97140
Tel: 503-822-5522 (if required)


Some notes about your PacMe mailing address:

  • See our Address Woes FAQ if particular retailers won't accept the address.
  • As with many Oregon addresses, our street name is loooooooong.  This sometimes causes problems for address forms that can only accept fewer than 37 characters.
  • Yet, the Post Office's address verification system, which most retailers and private carriers use, requires the complete 37-character address to be written on line one of the address.
  • Some address validation systems will suggest an "alternative address."  If you are allowed to reject their suggestion and keep your address as written above, then do so.  If forced to accept their alternative, then try to get the above information on the second address line, which usually is not subject to validation.
  • Since the street address is so long, "Ste 103" might get truncated when printed on labels.  That is why we like to repeat "Ste 103" on the second address line.
  • Our "zip+4" postal code is 97140-8552.  You can always accept that suggestion.  We don't originally include it because many address forms do not accept the longer code.
  • We do have a shorter address (14900 SW TS RD, Sherwood, OR 97140) that has been validated by the Post Office, but not everywhere else.  We will let you know when it is ready.




You can close your account by sending us a message in your "My Account" chat box.

  • Please tell us if you want us to wipe all your data.  Otherwise, we keep it for two years.
  • We will refund the balance in your virtual account, but we will deduct all excess storage and special request fees first, as well as any transaction fees.
  • Any packages on your shelf will be discarded.
  • Package accounts automatically renew for free.  Package+Mail accounts must be renewed annually.  We will reach out to you at that time.



No, you don't have to provide us with a credit card.  


You can pay for your signup fee by PayPal or bitcoin.  Then, you can transfer USD funds by bank wire, PayPal, or bitcoin into your "virtual account" at PacMe.  We prefer that you keep money on account with us, and it will be much cheaper for you as well.  If you use a non-US credit card, your bank might not always accept a charge from us, they will likely charge you a hefty foreign transaction fee, or they might give you a poor exchange rate.





  • You can pay for your account during signup either by promo code, credit card, or paypal.
  • Package accounts are actually free, so if you don't have a promo code, we will credit your signup payment to your Virtual Account.
  • Package+Mail accounts are not free and must be paid for by credit card or PayPal.  They are renewable annually by the same method or from your Virtual Account balance.



  • You pay for our consolidation, repacking, and shipping services only when you complete a consolidation.
  • You will see all the Fees on the Fees/Options tab of the Consolidation's webpage (you need to be logged in).
  • You can check out our pricing here.



Yes.  Many retailers won't ship to a shipping address that is not the same as the billing address on your credit card or payment method.


You are allowed to use your PacMe address as your "mailing" address, which can be either your shipping or billing address or both.


You are not allowed to use your PacMe address as your "home" or "business" address, however.  This is a legal requirement of both the US Post Office and the US government.



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