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Contact Us?  Here's the summary...

  • Customer service is mostly through dedicated chat boxes.  It's probably better than calling us.
  • Every incoming package, consolidation, and "My Account" has its own private chat box.
  • You can therefore ask a question where you have a question. Chat history is saved so you can see the running dialog.
  • “Chat” is not necessarily live—we are likely asleep when you are awake—but we should respond within 12 hours. We have employees in different parts of the world so general questions can usually be answered sooner.
  • Please check the FAQ first if you have a question. It might be faster. The FAQ is our go-to support page.
  • We can also Skype or talk on the phone (+1-503-822-5522 is the warehouse line), but keep the time zone difference in mind, and, um, we pretty much like, only speak American.
  • If you need help, try
  • You can send feedback about the website, FAQ, or service to
  • If you are not a customer yet, you can email us at



The primary way for us to communicate with each other is through the chat boxes attached to every incoming package and consolidation order.  There is no “black hole” for customer support.  Each chat box is private and unique and should be used only to discuss that particular package or consolidation.  This helps focus our discussion on the correct package and both of us can see the history of the discussion.


There is also a chat box in your “My Account” section.  Here, you can discuss issues about your payment methods, addresses, and more general issues you might have about our service.





Our warehouse and offices are located in Sherwood, Oregon, USA.  Sherwood is a suburb about 15-20km south of Portland.  Oregon is the state just north of California on the West Coast of the United States along the Pacific Ocean.  We are on PDT/PST, which is -7/8 hours GMT.  There are a lot of trees here.  Our warehouse address is:


Pacme Corporation
14960 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd Ste 103
Sherwood, OR 97140


Your PacMe mailing address is written below.  Try to follow this format exactly whenever possible (replace "Z9999" with your mailbox number):


Your Name
14960 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd Ste 103
Suite 103 - Z9999 Pacme
Sherwood, OR 97140
Tel: 503-822-5522 (if required)


Some notes about your PacMe mailing address:

  • Some address validation systems will suggest an "alternative address."  If you are allowed to reject their suggestion and keep your address as written above, then do so (Amazon allows this).  If forced to accept their alternative, then try to get the above information on the second address line, which usually is not subject to validation.
  • Our "zip+4" postal code is 97140-8552.  You can always accept that suggestion.  We don't originally include it because many address forms do not accept the longer code.  Amazon actually prefers it, however.
  • As with many Oregon addresses, our street name is loooooooong.  This sometimes causes problems for address forms that can only accept fewer than 37 characters.
  • Yet, the Post Office's address verification system, which most retailers and private carriers use, requires the complete 37-character address to be written on line one of the address.
  • Since the street address is so long, "Ste 103" might get truncated when printed on labels.  That is why we like to repeat "Suite 103" on the second address line.
  • Please email if you have problems with a particular retailer's address system.
  • We do have a shorter address (14900 SW TS RD, Sherwood, OR 97140) that has been validated by the Post Office, but not everywhere else.  We will let you know when it is ready.




We are located in the Pacific Time zone of the USA.  During "standard" time (November to March), PST is offset by -8 hours from UTC. 


During “daylight saving time,” PDT is offset by -7 hours from UTC. 


“Daylight saving time” is observed from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November.  Generally speaking, we are at the warehouse from 08:00am to 19:00pm, but often answer chats at all hours since we have employees in various parts of the world.




Someone at PacMe is probably online at every hour, but you should expect to hear from us "next day," depending upon where you are located in the world.  Our warehouse and most of our staff are in Portland Oregon (-7/8 UTC).  Some of our staff is located in Singapore (+8 UTC), so many website and account issues can be handled during working hours in that time zone.


Most of our discussion will be in the dedicated chat boxes attached to each package, consolidation, and account.  Chat is not live, but everyone can see the history of the discussion in one place.



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