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How does PacMe reduce dim weight (and how can I help too)?


Here's the summary of how we reduce dim weight. Dimensional Weight is caused by four issues:


  1. Half empty incoming boxes (most US retailers don't care about dim weight, particularly Amazon).  This is an easy fix: we remove your items and discard the shipping boxes.
  2. Low density items (e.g. foam, soft toys). We can squeeeeze the items only so much.  There's not much we can do here.  Boxed, plastic toys are the worst - low density and can't be squeezed at all.  This is "bad" dim weight, particularly if the items are not of much value.
  3. Empty space within items (e.g. suitcases, shoe boxes, nooks and crannies).  We can fill up all the empty space inside all your big items if you have a lot of small items.  That's good.  Lamp shades, on the other hand, which are also "empty," but usually can't be stuffed with anything else. That's bad.
  4. The final packing job.  Consolidating the PacMe Way is like playing Tetris.  There shouldn't be any empty space within the final box when we are done. If you buy enough stuff, we can make it all fit together!


Now for the long story...


The dim weight of a box is fixed according to the formula L x H x W / 5,000 (for cm and kg).  For instance, a cube box with sides of 50cm has a dim weight of 25kg. That will not change. The bummer is if you only have 15kg of items in the box, you'll still be charged for 25kg since the carriers charge the higher of the dim weight vs the actual weight. So, how does PacMe help reduce the dim weight?


  1. We will fit more stuff into a smaller box. 
    We repack items, not boxes.  We don't need that 50cm box, we will get it all into a smaller box!  Usually a much smaller box.  We have every size box imaginable.  'nuff said...


  2. We will fit more stuff into the same box.
    Think of the admittedly obvious situation of a suitcase in that 50cm box.  We cannot put the suitcase into a smaller box, but we can fill the suitcase with all your other items at zero marginal cost. 

    The extra items essentially ship for free since you are already paying the 25kg rate for the dim weight.  Once the actual weight equals the dim weight, then we have packed efficiently.  It's also up to you to shop efficiently! 

    The suitcase example is obvious, but any air space within your items can be packed if your other items fit into the space.  We are expert Tetris players, and that's how we will pack your box.

  3. We will reduce retail packaging.
    It's easy to discard shoe boxes, deflate basketballs, and remove laptops from their boxes (all at your option, of course).  We can also flatten/fold boxes for toys, such as Legos.  But if you want us to remove those 50 twisty ties from the barbie doll house set, then we might charge extra for that.

  4. Sorry, sometimes we can't do anything about it, but maybe you can!
    If you buy a bunch of fluffy pink unicorns, and you don't want them vacuum packed into little tiny balls, then there is not a lot we can do about it.  Be weary of low-density, but solid items, such as plastic toys and diapers.  Shipping only a few items is a disaster as well, such as an umbrella with a pair of shoes.  BTW, clothes are almost perfect - they rarely trigger dim weight.

    You can help!  If you really need the fluffy toys and umbrella, then that's going to require a big box.  Make sure you buy enough stuff to fill it up.  Since you have low density items already, you can now buy heavy, dense items that you would otherwise probably avoid (books or bowling balls).

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