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  • Package Plan

    $40 ONE TIME FEE *

  • Package + Mail **

    $300 / YEAR

    Not Available
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Both Plans Have Identical Features:

  • no tax

    Tax-free US mailing address

  • mailbox

    Dedicated mailbox number

  • box

    Free package storage for 90 days

  • pack

    PacMe's consolidation and repacking service

  • plane

    Heavily discounted shipping rates

** Plus mail plan also includes regular mail (statements, letters, bills, etc.) ?

PacMe Services & Pricing

Standard Services & Fees

  • Incoming package fee, includes:$2
    • Scanning the invoice and packing list.
    • Taking multiple photographs of package and items.
    • At least 30 days of free storage.
  • Expert consolidation the PacMe Way, includes:$20
    • Unlimited incoming packages per consolidation.
    • Meticulous repacking of items to avoid dimensional weight surcharge.
    • PacMe's double-walled strong box.
    • Only $10 if 1-3 small packages.
  • International shipping using PacMe’s deeply discounted rates. Depends upon billable weight, transit time, and destination. $varies

Optional Services & Fees

  • Oversize fee for an incoming package (weight > 33lbs/15kg)$10
  • PacMe fills out the customs form$10
  • Special Requests$5-20
    • Extra photos or video of incoming package and contents
    • Simple requests (e.g. split a package into two)
    • Detailed requests (e.g. check the working condition of an item)
    • "Box in box" extra packing with fragile stickers
    • Gift preparation (e.g. gift box, removal of invoices and tags)
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