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If you are thinking about signing up for an account, here are a few video tutorials and screenshots to show you how package management works.  For a more detailed tour, check out our FAQ: Tour and Video Tutorials.




Manage all your packages on one page.
When your packages arrive at our warehouse, we will assign them a unique package ID, scan the invoice, and take a couple photographs of the items. You can then view the package information in your account on the website. You can even enter an "expected" package, and our system will recognize the tracking number when it arrives.





Drill down into the package view to see the details.
Every package has its own page, where you can see the invoice and photographs, create the Item List (which is later used to create the Customs List), and even chat with us about the package.  Every package has its own chat box. That way we will both know which brown box from Amazon we are talking about!





When you want your stuff, just think "Pac Me" and create a consolidation.
You can easily add and remove packages from a consolidation. You can even set up a consolidation with packages that you are expecting, so as soon as they arrive, your consolidation will be processed.   PacMe gives you full control of your consolidation including building your customs list and selecting a number of packing and shipping options.



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