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We won't know the exact weight and dimensions of your consolidated box until we pack your items,
but you can get an estimate of the shipping cost below.

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2. The shipping calculator sends your data out to the 3 carriers and then returns shipping quotes in real time. It might take a moment.

  • Although we can ship multi-box shipments, the calculator will only calculate one box at a time, up to 149lbs (67kg).
  • Once the quotes appear, check the summary box to see if dimensional weight will be triggered.
  • We are a primarily a consolidator and repacker, not a simple forwarder.  You will get the most value out of us when we consolidate and repack 5-10+ packages or more.
  • The rate chart below is to Singapore and Hong Kong (Europe is similar), but the shape of the chart is the same everywhere.  Our great rates kick in around 10+ kg.
  • In the video below, watch Ken & Randy repack some packages the PacMe Way to reduce 56lbs (25kg) down to 20lbs (9kg) in billable weight.
  • That is, by repacking, we will be sending you less weight than our competitors!
  • Check out the PacMe Way proof, testimonials, and press clippings.

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