What is the PacMe Way?


Repacking the PacMe Way saves money because we reduce the dimensional weight, typically by half, by unpacking the original boxes and by placing the smaller items inside bigger items. Think Tetris. This page is dedicated to photos and screenshots of consolidations that we have actually done.  We do this everyday and love it. Check out our testimonials and press clippings too.



A picture is worth 1,000 words, and maybe a big smile...




This is what it looks like on the website...

In the example below, we reduced dim weight by 67%, 82lbs. This customer saved over $200 in shipping cost!


You can compare the weights of the incoming packages to the outgoing package.  As your packages trickle in, we also make a running estimate of what we think the final dim weight will be (see the third weight column). Learn more about how we make this estimate.  This might help you manage the types of items you buy as well (see tips).




Here is some more evidence of actual consolidations...

The screenshots below show just the column totals for a number of actual consolidations that we have done. A "PacMe Way Improvement" of more than 50% means we cut the dim weight by more than half!  For all the thousands of consolidations we have done, 50% reduction is typical.  Also notice the "Dim/Actual" ratio.  We want this to be 1.00, which means the dim weight was reduced all the way down to the actual weight, which is the goal.  You can compare the incoming ratio and the outgoing ratio.
























































































Here are a few photos of typical dim weight reductions...







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