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Video Tutorials


Jade, Gunther, and Maria star in our first animated video describing PacMe. This is the simple "how it works" video.




Ken & Randy, PacMe's co-founders, give a brief overview of the website and warehouse operation.  Both Ken and Randy work in the business day-to-day.




This website tutorial discusses the "My Packages" tab.  We will navigate the page, view a package, and make a special request. Adjust the resolution to HD to be able to see the screen text.




This website tutorial discusses the "My Consolidations" tab.  We will create a consolidation, navigate the list, and view a particular consolidation.




Watch PacMe's cofounders demonstrate how they can avoid the dimensional weight surcharge by unpacking several incoming boxes and repacking the items into different outgoing boxes of various sizes.  This is what saves the big bucks on shipping.  See the proof here!


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