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We have 2 tote bags.  We will usually include the smaller "Port and Co" tote in your first shipment, although they run out from time to time.


If you want the larger LLBean "boat-n-tote" bag, then put a note in your account chat box.  They cost $35.  If you have a huge consolidation, we will probably give you one for free if you promise to carry it everywhere and say how great PacMe is!






We are in the process of changing our "action item" system since it is a little confusing. For now, here is the 411...


Most action items will direct you to a chat box.  If we require a response, then replying directly to our chat will clear the action item. These replies are marked in "red" ink.  If we don't require a response (marked in "blue" ink), then there should be no action item at all, but if there is, then you can clear the action item either by replying to the chat or by "clearing" the item on your Action Items tab. 


This was only obvious to the person who invented it, so we will be changing it soon!


Action Items Tab


Reply in Chat box



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