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Special Requests are optional and used rarely.  Most customers just use the chat box associated with the particular package or consolidation and make their request there.


We take photos of all your incoming packages (and items) for free. 


If you need us to take a video or more detailed photo of one of your items, or check the ingredients of an item, then you would submit a "special request" for the specific incoming package. 


You place the special request from within the particular package's web page.  You can also add a comment to the task to make sure we do it correctly and then continue the discussion in the package's chat box.


The fee varies according to the complexity of the task.  Most special requests require us to retrieve the package from the shelf and bring it to a special request station.  Even though the request might seem quite simple, it does take time to process it securely.


You must clear or complete all special requests before a package can be put into a consolidation.




The prices are listed on Special Request when you select it, usually $5-15.  We don't really try to make money on special requests, but it does take time and labor to retrieve a package from a shelf, transport it to a work station, perform the request, and return it to the shelf.  We do this securely so don't like to open packages out on the warehouse floor.


There are also line items named "Simple" and "Detailed."  It might be difficult to determine how difficult your request will be when you place it.  If we need to bump your "simple" request to a "detailed" request, or if a request will cost more than what is listed, we will put a message in the package's chat box to get your authorization before we commence the task.



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