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About Us? Here’s the summary:


  • PacMe provides a US mailing address for your online shopping packages. We consolidate your packages and/or loose items and then ship one box to your address overseas.
  • Our name is PacMe because we are expert packers.  Repacking items, not just putting boxes into another box, is what saves the most money.
  • We also know a thing or two about shipping internationally and have been doing it for years.
  • We have lived around the world and are customers ourselves.
  • Our founders work in the business day-to-day.
  • We designed the website and work flow from scratch with the customer in mind.
  • We only hire people who like to pack boxes and who like to help people shop online in the US.
  • We seek feedback from our customers on how we can improve our service for them and other customers.



We are a small package consolidator and international shipper for consumers who want to shop online in the US. If you don’t have a reliable relative or friend - or don’t want to bother them - to receive, store, consolidate, and deliver your packages, we act as your USA mailing address and service provider to do just that.


We’re kinda like your Uncle PacMe. When you shop online in the US, you have your packages sent to us. We then store your packages, consolidate them into one big strong box, and ship it to wherever you are overseas, or even in the US. We can consolidate your boxes, leaving them intact, or open them and repack your items. It’s your choice. Repacking items, not boxes, is the way to go to avoid the dimensional weight surcharge and to pack your items more securely.


You shop. We store, consolidate, repack, and ship. We also provide you the tools and resources to make all that easier.



We are a balance of a high-tech professional logistics company and a mom-n-pop corner shop. It takes a huge warehouse and a lot of technology to keep track of hundreds of thousands of packages, but it takes a lot of communication, diligence and loving care to pack a box correctly and get it to your front door. We are committed to just that.


Our two founders work in the business every day. We pack boxes, answer customer service chats, and manage the technology to run the operation. Our names are Ken and Randy. Ken wrote the website from an international shopper’s perspective. He has lived oversees for many years and has been a customer like you for as long as he can remember. He orders 300+ packages a year for his family and Randy packs them all up. Randy has spent most of his adult life inside warehouses running logistics operations. Both of us are responsible for customer service. We have known each other for over 15 years and work extremely well together.  (Randy is Ken's wife's Uncle, and that's why we call him Uncle Randy!)


Everyone who works at PacMe goes through the same basic training boot camp. Everyone can check in a package, complete a “Special Request,” and pack an outgoing box. In fact, that’s all part of the job interview. It’s not unusual for one of our accountants to pay the bills in the morning and pack boxes in the afternoon. Everyone pitches in to complete customer requests or to meet carrier pickup deadlines. Knowing and doing every job in the entire operation makes PacMe an interesting and hopefully a fulfilling place to work.


 Ken & Randy, PacMe's co-founders, give a brief overview of the website and warehouse operation.




Here's the summary:

  • Attentive Owners work in the business.
  • Expert repacking avoids dim weight surprises.
  • Straight-forward pricing.
  • Best website and software.

We are expert repackers and consolidators for your online shopping packages. We have been doing this for a long time and have figured out most of the tricks. We will consolidate and repack your items, not simply put your boxes into another box.  Avoiding dimensional weight could halve your shipping charge.   The value is in the repacking and consolidation, and that is why we named ourselves “PacMe.”


Our pricing is simple and Ala Carte.

  • You will pay a $2 fee for each incoming package, which includes scanning the invoice, taking a few photographs of the items, and storing it on your shelf in the warehouse for 60+ days.
  • You will pay a $20 flat fee for the consolidation and the preparation for the outgoing box. If we are consolidating only a few packages for you, we will reduce the consolidation fee to $10.
  • You will pay for the international shipping fee for the carrier based on the weight and size of your outgoing package.

Our website puts you in control because it was written from a customer’s perspective. You might live 10,000km away, but it’s like you’re sitting in the office next to us. We believe our account and package management system on our website is second to none.  Every package has its own chat box.


We pass on our deeply discounted international shipping rates. We ship a huge volume of boxes so we get incredible rates from the carriers, which we pass on to you.  Check out our shipping calculator for real-time estimates.  We aren't a very good value for small shipments, however.


You can choose your own mailbox number. Premium numbers such as A1000 or C8888 cost extra, but something easy to remember such as your birthday or phone number is probably available for free.


Oregon is sales tax-free. Oregon is one of only a few tax-free states so you save another 5-10% when shipping your packages here instead of to your Aunt Sally in Chicago or Uncle Fred in New York City.


We will store your packages free for 30 days, usually longer if we have space. That should give you plenty of time to wait for all your packages to arrive before you want to consolidate them. Many customers have a steady stream of packages coming in and consolidate on a standing basis either weekly or monthly.




“Pacme Corporation” is a play on the Road Runner cartoon’s ubiquitous “Acme Corporation.” Acme is also often used as a generic corporate name, like what was on our original business plan before we thought of a name.


Putting a “P” in front of “Acme” sounded like “pack me.” Hey, we thought, that is what we do! As in, “honey, please pack my bag for our trip.” We wanted some version of the word “pack” in our name because we believe that is the essential value we provide to you. Boxes for export need to be packed with extra care and in much stronger boxes than online retailers usually use.  Of course, repacking the items, not simply putting boxes inside another box, is what helps avoid the dimensional weight surcharge.


We were able to scoop up at auction for a couple hundred bucks, a relative bargain these days for a 5-character domain name that includes vowels. We eventually bought,,, and numerous other incarnations, e.g., that we wanted to keep out of the hands of the bad guys. In fact, the guy who owned, which was probably how you tried to find us in the first place, was squatting on thousands of other domain names, many of which were variations of Google, Apple, and Coca Cola. Who woulda thunk that someone else would think packing boxes was so important?


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