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Check out some of the magazine and blog articles about PacMe.  Ok, so some of them are essentially advertisements, but they are reputable sources saying some nice things about us!  Also see our customer testimonials.  We have awesome customers.



25 October 2016

Save time and money Christmas shopping online in the USA

"What if you’re finding the shipping fees quickly adding up from your favourite stores or they won’t let you ship to a foreign address? Easy… sign up for your personal, sales tax-free US shipping address at Based in sales tax-free Oregon, shipping consolidator PacMe will receive your goods, store them for up to 90 days for free while everything arrives and even take photos of all your items so you can be sure it all arrived safe and sound."


20 October 2016

Shop in the USA, Ship to Singapore this Holiday Season with!

"PacMe specialise in repacking, but watch out for bad dim weight. Plastic toys like big fire engines or Barbie houses are a big No, No, No not a Ho, Ho, Ho! "


19 October 2016

US online shopping in Singapore: How to save money on Christmas shopping with PacMe

"Simply have all your packages shipped to your new sales tax-free address at PacMe, a nifty service that helps you save on shipping fees by consolidating and repacking your items in an efficiently packed box, so no space is wasted. Without the unnecessary dimensional weight to worry about, you can actually go on a spree!"


18 October 2016

Shop in the USA, Ship to Hong Kong this Holiday Season with!

"The owners, Ken and Randy, handle customer service personally and have a “Zero Unhappy Customer Policy” so you can rest assured knowing your experience will be a good one. Finally, holiday shopping is fun and easy to do from the comfort of your home."


17 October 2016

Shop in the USA, Ship to Dubai this Holiday Season with!

"Santa’s elves at PacMe will do more than just forward your packages. The experts at PacMe will consolidate and repack your goods into one efficiently packed box which often cuts the billable shipping weight by up to 50%!"


22 September 2016

Save big time on shipping costs while shopping in the US

"PacMe will set you up with your own personal US mailing address in sales tax-free Oregon. They will consolidate and repack all your purchases into one tidy box. It’s the repacking that really saves you money on international shipping fees (see the proof!)."


2 September 2016

US Online Shopping in Singapore: How to Save Money with PacMe

"Shop more, save more. To enjoy maximum savings, all you have to do is shop, shop, shop! If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not.  The shipping rate goes down the more you ship, so  don’t be afraid to stock up ’til you hit the 10-20kg mark! They also ship wine and beer from the US to Singapore."


24 August 2016

Back from holiday and forgot to pick up a bargain?

"PacMe leads a new generation of shopping consolidators. They provide you with a US address and then accept your online purchases at their tax-free Oregon warehouse. Your packages will be stored free of charge for up to 90 days and, when you are ready, PacMe will consolidate them all into a tidy, cost-efficient shipment. By repacking your items, not simply bundling your boxes, PacMe can often reduce the shipping cost by 50%. That’s how they are different."


Sassy HK

17 August 2016

The Perfect Cool Weather Wardrobe:  Save Money on Seasonal Trends with PacMe

"Browse from hundreds of your most-loved State-side brands online and buy all of your seasonal fashion in bulk whilst PacMe take care of the rest. Simply ship everything to your US PacMe address (most stores offer free shipping in the USA!) and they’ll even re-pack it all for you… all at the click of a button!"


6 May 2016

US online shopping from Singapore: Save money shopping in the USA and shipping with PacMe

"This genius service allows you to shop online at US stores by providing you with a US mailing address in sales tax-free Oregon. Importantly PacMe is not a box forwarder, but a repacker and consolidator. That’s where the savings get real people! And that’s why when we’re online shopping and shipping from the USA, PacMe is our top choice."


Expat Living Singapore

13 April 2016

Shop more, ship more, save more! The money-saving trick for the online shopper

"Once your haul arrives at PacMe's Oregon warehouse, their team of super packers will huddle it all into a single super-strong, double-walled box, poring over each shipment to figure out the best way of repacking the items so that wasted space is kept at a minimum. The result? The overall shipping weight (and hence your bill) is cut in half in most cases!"


 Sassy Mama Singapore

22 March 2016

Online Shopping: Our fave sites that *don’t* ship to Singapore… or do they?

"PacMe is more than just a package forwarder. PacMe is a true shipping consolidator that repacks to save you shipping fees, so you can do more shopping!" 


 Expat Living Singapore

22 March 2016

4 ways to streamline your USA-Singapore shipping and shopping

"The proof isn't only in the packing. PacMe's amazing customer service personally handled by owners Ken and Randy, together with a dedicated chat box for every package to discuss any issues, have helped to land it a steady flow of rave client testimonials."


 Sassy Hong Kong

21 March 2016

Online Shopping: Our fave sites that *don’t* ship to Hong Kong… or do they?

"Speaking of shopping, did you know that the more you shop, the more you save on shipping fees? PacMe says to load up on the merchandise because at 10kgs, the $/kg savings really kick in and go lower with every kg!"


 Honeycombers Singapore

18 March 2016

US Online Shopping in Singapore: PacMe wins with excellent customer service and repacking services that reduce shipping fees

"PacMe make this very clear to customers and advise to always ship over 10 kgs worth of goodies, as that’s where the savings kick in. The cost gets even lower with every kg added. An excuse to buy more? Can you say shopping spree?"


Sassy Mama Singapore

8 March 2016

Online Shopping just got a lot more fun in Singapore

"Well, our little secret to getting all of our favourite items from the US to the Little Red Dot is to hit up PacMe, a shipping consolidator that repacks to save you shipping fees and has amazing customer service that actually works, no matter where you are in the world."


 Sassy Mama Dubai

29 February 2016

Save Money Shopping Online in the US with PacMe

"The friendly online system allows you to see images of your goodies and manage the entire shipping process – and even the owners, Ken and Randy, are on hand to answer any questions, big or small."


Sassy Hong Kong

24 February 2016

Save Money Shopping Online in the US with PacMe

"With PacMe, you shop at your favourite stores (the fun part!) and ship everything to PacMe, where the experts carefully repack and consolidate all your purchases into one box. They make sure all the space in the box is maximised so you save on shipping fees… talk about efficient!"


 Expat Living Singapore

15 February 2016

Dummies guide to online shopping in the US from your desk in Singapore

"Then, once your final parcel is signed for at their warehouse, their repacking gurus will set to work, expertly bundling every last thing into a super-strong double-walled box and often cutting the overall shipping weight (and hence your shipping bill) by half!"



2 February 2016

Online Shopping in Singapore: Save on Delivery and Shipping Costs from USA with PacMe

" With headquarters in sales tax-free Oregon, just sign up for your PacMe stateside mailing address, then shop ’til you max out that plastic. Sit back as the PacMe team consolidates and meticulously repacks your multiple purchases into one box – making the most of every nook and cranny – then wait for your goodies to arrive on your doorstep."


TIE Online

February 2016

Shop in the U.S., Ship for Less with PacMe

"Not only can you expect to have all your purchases delivered to you at the best price, but you can count on excellent customer service.  PacMe has thousands of happy customers to be sure."


13 November 2015

Pre-Christmas sales in the US are about to start! Shop online and ship to Hong Kong for the cut-price way to tick off your gift list.

"Repacking is the real cost-cutting exercise, and PacMe prowess here means they're often able to reduce the dimensional weight (or size of your box, in layman's terms) by half. Hands down, this makes PacMe the cheapest shipping consolidator out there!"


12 November 2015

Product Review:  PacMe

"There are plenty of companies offering a ‘forwarding’ service, whereby you can ship your purchases to them and they forward them straight on to you, but where PacMe really stands out, is that they unpack all your shopping and re-pack it into one box to save on shipping."


11 November 2015

Christmas shopping on the cheap:  Shop online for huge sales this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

"Plus, PacMe’s customer service is getting rave reviews. Owners Ken and Randy are hands-on with every order and will go above and beyond to make sure every transaction is a positive experience. One customer even found a free package of donuts in her shipment!"


Honeycombers Singapore

3 November 2015

Cheap shipping from US to Singapore:  Shopping Online?  Save on Exorbitant Delivery Charges with PacMe - Get the most out of those sweet Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping deals with affordable shipping by PacMe

"Simply put, PacMe are the pros in packing and international shipping. Based in sales tax-free Oregon, they will act as your U.S. mailing address – where your multiple orders will be expertly consolidated into one handy package and shipped right to your doorstep in Singapore. "


5 Go Mad in Singers



31 October 2015

Special Delivery 

"Give it a go, if you’re a smart shopper and order from websites that offer free delivery to the states you could save yourself a tidy sum."



26 October 2015

Ship and Shop in the USA This Holiday Season with PacMe!

"PacMe offers true, money-saving repacking services that can often cut the billable weight of a shipment by up to half."


Sassy Hong Kong

26 October 2015

Ship and Shop in the USA this Holiday Season with PacMe!

 "If you hear of a service offering the lowest per kg rate, don't be mistaken, as you can end up paying way more than you would at PacMe.  They'll make sure you get the most bang for your buck."




Lulabelle Lifestyle




25 October 2015

Guilt Free Shopping...

 "This is the clever part, they will open all of your packages and check the items are in good order (you can check this in the photographs too) and then consolidate into one package to send to you meaning only ONE shipping charge for you. Their shipping rates are also heavily discounted ensuring you get the best deal and make their service economical for you to use."


 Expat Living Singapore

22 October 2015

Get a free US postal address: The smart way to shop online in America and ship to Singapore

" will log each of your incoming packages, scan the invoices, upload photos of the items and store it all for up to 90 days free of charge until everything arrives - and this is before the real magic even happens. Like a game of Tetris, their repacking gurus then bundle your goods into a super-strong double-walled box, often cutting the overall shipping weight of your stash by half!"


Honeycombers Singapore 9 October 2015

Shipping from USA to Singapore:  Get a US Address and Your Online Shopping Packages Consolidated with PacMe - Two users of PacMe in Singapore tell us how the shipping provider won their hearts with reduced shipping costs and excellent customer service.

"I was doing a renovation project and needed some odd-shaped items. Randy went to the store to check out how an item was packaged and advised me what sorts of things we could do to reduce the overall shipping cost. There were some items that just wouldn’t fit so PacMe’s owner Ken hand-carried those items for me on his flight back to Singapore. I was astounded!”
 Expat Living Singapore

15 September 2015

Stop paying Singapore prices for gifts! How to slash your costs when you shop online in the US

"The first few kilograms of a shipment is always the most expensive, so it makes total sense to buy in bulk. Once your bundle of goods hits 10-15kgs, the savings with PacMe's mates over at UPS, DHL, USPS and FedEx really kick in."


10 September 2015

Find the best online shopping deals in the USA and ship with PacMe

"All your purchases will be sent to your US PacMe address in Oregon where they photograph everything and store it free for 90 days until the rest of your goodies arrive. Use their easy to use online system to manage and view all your packages and tell them when to ship everything. "


Sassy Hong Kong 26 August 2015

Shop 'Til You Drop Online in the USA with PacMe!

"Your items will be stored in the PacMe warehouse for up to 90 days, then carefully repacked to minimise the size and weight of your box (how very helpful of them!). You can choose between UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL at crazily discounted rates and if there is anything you're not happy with, PacMe's fab customer service is sure to sort you out!"


 HoneyKids Asia

21 August 2015

Online Shopping in Singapore:  Shop for School Supplies in the US and Save on Shipping with PacMe - With PacMe’s low-cost shipping and free accounts for HoneyKids readers, save on back to school shopping supplies when you order from US websites

"While many US-based sites typically charge exorbitant international delivery fees or won’t ship directly to Singers, PacMe‘s role as your US mailing address makes shopping from these websites hugely affordable and possible."


 Sassy Mama Hong Kong 18 August 2015

Shop in the US, Ship for Less with PacMe!

"Watch out for large plastic or fluffy toys. They will likely be charged by size, not weight. Try to buy things that are easily packed together and compressed. PacMe’s expert repacking really saves you money!"


 Expat Living Singapore

6 July 2015

Online shopping at outlets: Sales on designer labels like DKNY, BCBG Max Azria, Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors and Zac Posen

"We’ve all heard how fantastic outlet shopping in the US can be, and now you can get your fix of of designer frocks, shoes, bags and accessories by the likes of BCBG Max Azria, Diane von Furstenberg, DKNY, Michael Kors and Zac Posen, and benefit from reduced shipping rates from PacMe."


 Expat Living Singapore

18 May 2015

Six of the best US websites for baby and kids gear: Delivery to Singapore c/o PacMe!

"All of this is basically license for a shopping spree to stock up on baby and child paraphernalia because the more you ship, the more you save (those first few kilograms are always the priciest as compared to, say, a bundle of goods over 10-15kgs). So we've rounded up our top six US shopping websites that are now perfectly accessible thanks to PacMe."



27 April 2015

Shop the Best US Websites and Have It All Delivered to Your Door: Affordable Shipping with PacMe - All your online US shopping delivered in one package

"Never fear, PacMe is here to unleash your inner shopping goddess and help you create your dream nursery with products sourced online from the US. Simply send all your purchases to PacMe, and once you’ve amassed a collection, they’ll expertly repack and send to your door. "



27 March 2015

Online shopping in Hong Kong: Finding plus-sized clothes and bigger shoes

"Thankfully, through PacMe, you can now shop at your favourite US-based stores online. Not only do PacMe forward your packages, they will consolidate and repack them for you too, reducing overall volume and  saving you money."


 Expat Living Singapore

10 March 2015

Online shopping in Singapore: Finding plus-sized clothes and bigger shoes

"Once all of your shopping has arrived, PacMe will cleverly pack everything into one shipment as tightly and carefully as possible, and then send it off to you using your service of choice – PacMe partners with all the shipping carriers. The best discounts start at around 15kg, so make sure you fill up that shopping cart!"



4 March 2015

5 ways to get the best online deals – and save on shipping!

"PacMe understands that you are anxious about the status of your packages. That is why the repacking team takes photos of everything so you can see your delivered items until you are ready to ship."


 Expat Living Singapore

9 February 2015

Online shopping: The cheapest way to buy gorgeous home furnishings in Singapore

"It's pretty simple – you can shop as much as you like across your favourite websites – simply using PacMe's base as your US address. The team there will receive your purchases, take photos of everything to send you, consolidate the items and repack them into a single, tightly-packed box."


Honeycombers Singapore 23 January 2015

Online Shopping:  Cheap shipping with PacMe on US Websites - Shop your favorite stores in the US and save on shipping internationally with PacMe

"Dubbed the “experts in consolidating, packing and international shipping”, PacMe acts as your U.S. mailing address (they’re also in sales tax-free Oregon so yay!). "


Sassy Mama Singapore

27 November 2014

Shop up a Storm in the USA this Black Friday with PacMe!

"PacMe caters to those who want to shop online in the U.S., then consolidate their packages to have them shipped overseas in one go. It’s brilliant if you haven’t got a U.S. mailing address, or you want to avoid the headache of tracking 10 different packages." 


A Learning A Day

26 September 2014

Introducing PacMe

"PacMe was created to make the sure you don’t lose out on the amazing benefits of shopping in the US (read: incredible deals and prices via services like available to people around the world. PacMe does this by giving every member a US address on which is a mailbox at PacMe’s Oregon warehouse. "


Greenback Expat Tax Services

4 September 2014

Shop here. Ship there.  Affordably.  Conveniently.

"They called themselves “PacMe,” because consolidation–the unboxing and repacking of the items, not simply putting the original boxes into another box–is what provides the most value."

Shop in the USA, Ship to Singapore this Holiday Season with!

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