PacMe Customer Testimonials

Our customers say the nicest things to us in the chat boxes.  These are unprompted verbatim quotes copied from various chat boxes (only unique names have been abbreviated). Imagine going to work everyday and having someone say something this nice to you. We have awesome customers!  Check out our Press Clippings as well.





Hi Randy and Ken, Thank you again for your brilliant service!! You're doing a fantastic job and provide the best service I have ever experienced! So much appreciated, thank you. I am telling all my friends here in Hong Kong and hope you’ll get new customers. All the very best and have a great day, Tanja

Thanks guys, like I’ve always been saying you lot are a bunch of legends. Sam

Thank you!!!  You guys ROCK!!  I appreciate your service more than you can imagine! Kind Regards, Julie

I really do like dealing with you guys. Feels like dealing with a family business in a very digital age.
Thanks for everything Randy. Nasser

Hi Randy & Ken, That's great - thank you so much! So far I'm very impressed by you guys! So responsive and wonderful service! Also great news that you were able to reduce the billable weight : )! Yay! Can't wait to receive my goodies. Thanks again. Best, Florence

Hi Randy & Ken, First off, let me just say how happy I've been with your service. It's highly professional, always courteous, and very prompt (even by HK standards!) with all my queries, and action requests. Secondly, your site is well thought out, things are easy to find, and your explanations of the whole logistical process top notch. I was never left hanging, wondering what something means or what comes next. Lastly, thanks for getting my shipment out even though my "Virtual Account" was empty. Who does that these days?? I really commend you on your customer oriented and service-driven mindset. Refreshingly, it's not just lip service. Thanks for a great experience and I'll be telling everyone about you! Kind regards, Evelyn

Thank you for your kind response.  I appreciate your service very much.  I especially appreciate the personal touch of Pacme.  I don't feel like I'm working with a huge corporation, but rather a small business who cares about quality service and the person on the other end. Julie

We wanted to thank you guys again for such great customer service and prompt delivery. Best delivery service ever! We consolidated on December 21st and received our shipment across the world in Saudi Arabia on December 24th. Awesome! Merry Christmas to everyone over there who helped make this happen! Sean

Hi Randy and Ken, I have used another freight forwarding company for years and have been meaning to try your company for the last year and I am so glad I finally got around to signing up. You answered all my questions and the process has been very easy. I like the photo tab of my packages and that you get rid of any necessary packing. I haven't even received my parcel yet but I'm already thinking about doing some more shopping to send your way! Thanks, Emma

Hi - my package arrived and all is good! just want to thank you for your excellence service which I always find very personal and spontaneous! I get so happy everytime receiving this huge parcel with all the goodies inside. I just introduced to my colleagues about how much cost savings they can get with purchasing online + pacme. They are thrilled and will join me next time too. ST

Hi Ken and Randy, I just got my packages today and wanted to say thanks again for doing such an awesome job packing everything! The whole process has been a joy from start to finish! You really have thought of everything and the service level has been amazing. Worth every cent (even the tax). :) best, Michelle L

Ken and Randy, 1st shipment went incredibly smooth. You guys are doing A+ work. I am going to start talking you up. Get ready for more Saudi business. Cheers, Tom

You guys are awesome. You went on and beyond the call of duty and I am going to recommend you to everyone I meet. Promise next year not to order too late. Thanks, Kerry

Hi Randy, thanks for all your help! My boxes got here yesterday and they were great. You are definitely pros. I was totally expecting to have to pay taxes (Singapore) and I didn't.. yet. Nice surprise! Will definitely keep using you guys. Thanks again! Jean

I have been meaning to reach out for a few weeks. My husband and I just really want to thank you so much for your help with shipping those baby furniture items. Everything arrived safe and sound. The crib is all set up and we are ready for baby! I am going to write a glowing review of you guys on our Singapore expat wives fb group. I have been telling everyone who asks what a great job you did. Again, thank you so much for redeeming my faith in the freight forwarding process! - LN

I appreciate the superb customer service. I really am grateful for your patient and detailed explanations for a newbie pacme customer. Again, my deepest thanks. Gloria

Thank you for everything - I am so impressed by how much you were able to reduce the weight of the shipment when consolidating it. This has been such a smoothe process and everyone has been so helpful. Thank you! Kimberly 

I have to say that I am quite amazed by the level of customer service you provided since day 1. It is VERY unusual to receive answers and help that fast nowadays! Thanks, Clarisse

You are the BEST! Thank you very much for your outstanding service. I feel so individually cared for. How do you manage that all your customers feel this way. I will keep recommending PACME to all my friends and all EXPAT communities in Singapore. Don't understand why I was ever using any other parcel service before. THANK YOU!!!  Sylvia

That's awesome! Thanks so much for your efforts and clear communications. Simon

Again, just wanted to say a big "thank you" for all your help and wonderful service over the past year and a half. Having the ease and convenience of shopping from "home" as we prepared for the arrival of our son in Singapore earlier this year greatly contributed to our peace of mind and comfort. Kind regards, Alison

You are seriously the BEST! Thanks so much and I would really appreciate you doing that for me. Shannon

Let me take this opportunity to say that your updates and customer service have been outstanding. You are a shining light in Singapore... I will definitely use you again and recommend you to others. VW

Wow! Thank you for all the info......I really appreciate it. I would like to move forward with this consolidation. You guys have been super!!
Regards, Sheena

Thank you so much Randy and Ken. This has been a super experience! Rachel

Thanks so much for such amazing service and the first time customer offer! Noted on alcohol based items for future orders - again thanks. Suanne

Thanks heaps you guys are amazing. Paula

Dear Randy & Ken, Thank you so much for everything. Not sure I know how I did ever ship without Pacme. You guys are the best! Nasser

Thank you so much for the brilliant extraordinary service!! The boxes arrived in time for the party and were such a hit. What you are doing is truly remarkable and I wish you all the very best. I will definitely be spreading the word!! Best, GK

Guys, just a note of thanks, package arrived on time and there was no tax to pay - Im so impressed with the way and the care that was taken to package everything up, books protected in paper and everything really secure, great Job. thanks again, Giles

I just wanted to let you know it ARRIVED!!! Thank you ever so much. The service you guys offer is best in class. Thanks again. Danielle

Hello. Thank you for an exceptional service! I have recommended Pacme to friends and family. FYI I did not get charged GST in Singapore :) Best regards, Sandi

Wow! Thank you ready for going the extra mile!!!  Rasi

Dear Randy, I believe you've just made a customer for life. I cannot thank you enough for your quality service and amazing attitude towards the work you guys do. Thank you, In this day and age such a gesture is a big leap of faith... I'm sorry for this inconvenience and thank you again. HM

Hi Randy & Ken, Thank you very much for consolidating and shipping my purchases! you guys are awesome. Cheers, Kim

Dear Randy & Ken, Thanks so much for getting the parcel out early I really appreciate it. It's going to be a nice surprise for my kids. They love getting parcels as much as I do. I'll definitely be using your services again and I have sharing the love by telling friends what a great service you have. Here's to many more online shopping orders. Have a fabulous weekend. Kind regards VD

Goodness me! You would do that? You guys are amazing!! Right, well I'll send you the link then. Laura

Thank you so much, it was a pleasure using this service as well. :) Cheers.Jac

Just wanted to say a big thank you - the box was well packed and wrapped. It all arrived very quickly, ahead of schedule! Thanks again, I am a very happy customer and will refer you to my friends and colleagues! Ruth

What can I say? You guys are the best! Thanks for the quick action, creative thinking, tips and proving yet again that you are the experts at this! I've recommended Pacme to others here in Singapore and surely will again! - Alison

Thanks! You guys are genius at packing. Serin

Hey Ken and randy! Thank you so much! Received the packages safe and sound! You guys are awesome! I really appreciate this guys! Michelle V

Awesome! Thank you Randy and Ken! Your services have been exceptional and beyond my expectations. I love how you guys took the extra mile to edit the list again. Your replies have also been very helpful and prompt. The tracking of items on the website is also very detailed with easy communications for the individual packages. I'm a loyal customer and don't think I'll ever use vpost or borderlinx again. Thank you very much. :) Have a great day! Junquan

I received my parcel and everything was there tightly packed :).  thanks for your service. I'm very astonished you were able to reduce by 57% the billable weight!  Sophie

Thank you so much for building a custom box for me! I think at the moment theres nothing else I need to buy, but thanks for the suggestion. I really appreciate it. Thanks!! Christine

Oh and also, your service thus far has been really fantastic. Responses are super quick, the packages get reflected in the system really fast and the site is easy to use and understand. Thanks for all your help! Michelle L.

Firstly I must say that you've got yourself a customer for life. On a previous consolidation your work was impeccable and perfect. Very well packed and shipped, so thank you.  Hessam

Thanks so much for your hard and good work, and for the meticulous care you've taken to reduce dimension weight! I look forward to receiving the package. Risa

hi. thanks so much!  awesome job on the packing!!! Junie

Thank you for your advise. You are rock and I am very happy with Pac me. I really appreciate your detailed explanation in regards to the package delivery time etc. Thank you. Cheers, JC 

Hi Randy, Thanks for your prompt and efficient service. You guys run a quality business that i would recommend to anyone who has the need of a US address. But its not just the convenience of a US address it is how you saved me money on the shipment by re-packaging the items. Also it is very satisfying to be able get around suppliers who want to be difficult! This was the first time I have used the concierge service and it was seamless. It allowed me to get the items I wanted! Once again thanks to you, Ken and your team - AK

Thanks so much for the personal service, Ken. Good Luck. Sancha

Thanks a lot! Will definitely buy more stuff to ship to singapore. You've been a great help and customer service is outstanding. Alessa

Everything arrived in perfect condition and it is being used in the brewery :) Can't thank you enough for all your help and for hooking us up. Until the next shipment, Marisa

Thank you. Once again you are going above and beyond on service! I'm telling everyone about PacMe.  Paige 

You guys are great- do you work 24/7??! Marianne

THANK YOU!!! Just so you know, y'all have quite the following here in Abqaiq- we love you guys - TR

Yay!!! I am so excited! Yes! Ship it! I'm not adding anything else to this consolidation. I will do another one in a few weeks. I am so excited about you guys and grateful for all your help! Lauren

You definitely worked that magic Randy! Thank you so much. Really appreciate all your help. Marisa

Thanks heaps guys! Really appreciate your very personal service and will (and already have) recommend you to my friends! Take care and safe travels. Kerstin

Hi Randy and Ken. First of all, let me say that it has been a delight using your service! We received the packages on Sat with no GST charges! Thank you for all your help and advice, Robin

This is amazing service!  Thanks so much! Rohita

Thanks so much-- that was very kind and much appreciated! Kellie

wow that was a quick reply!  im so spoiled this is the second time you fixed it for me and not having to do the consolidation myself. amazing. AK

Thanks for all your help, Randy, really appreciate your personalized service! KK

The huge box just arrived - kudos to your team for packing it so ingeniously. The only fly in the ointment were the missing shoe boxes. With regard to that, thank you also for your offer of reimbursement. I will look at the options available on Amazon for shoe storage boxes and let you know once I've ordered. SHN

Hi - just received our very large and very heavy box yesterday! They charged us NO GST!!! You guys did such a great job - there was a ton of stuff in there, and to get it all delivered to our door in Singapore so easily - and inexpensively in the scheme of things - was amazing. My husband now has visions of no more running around buying everything we need on his twice/yearly trips to the US :). We will happily use you in the future, and of course will refer to others.  Would you like me to put a reco on the FB Expat forums I belong to in Singapore? Stephanie

Thanks - If you can do that, that would be absolutely brilliant. really appreciate how customer focused you guys are - thanks so much again. GP

Hi Ken and Randy.  I just wanted to say that Pacme is probably the best company I have EVER dealt with. Your answers to all my questions, and you know I have a lot of them haha, are so clear and thoughtful.  I've done 3 consolidations now and every one has been meticulously packed.  Your spatial IQ must be off the charts because there is always zero extra space inside! Thansk again and again.  Alexandra

I have received this shipment, they are so well packed! thank you so much, very happy with your service. Best, Tiffany

I got the package - everything in order. Thank you very much for all your help. I am very impressed with the service from the beginning; far better than those other providers. I will definitely recommend you guys - fair, reliable and thorough. Best regards, RC

Thanks Randy & Ken! Appreciate the great stuff you guys are doing! :) Roy

Your service is so exceptionally good! I have recommended you to all my friends! Have a good day! Kind Regards, SK

Thanks again. Love your work! Geoffrey

Thank you Randy & Ken!! Your consolidation service is awesome, everything from the details of the packages, responses, shipping times, shipping choices, and, most important of all, pricing!! I will religiously use your company from now on and ditch the other companies! ...Thank you, and truly appreciate your very personal service, it's one of a kind! Keith

Thank you very much for being so helpful and considerate! HM

hi ken, you are AWESOME! thank you so much for your explanation! totally makes sense now :) and thank you so much for offering to get the jacket - that is AMAZING customer service!! Denise 

Thank you very much for your speedy response, the tips and insight are super helpful... I had never come across another company that could offer so much personal customer service... I wasn't aware there was a concierge service, I am so glad you have that, 8% is more than reasonable! Eloise

Wow. That is brilliant customer service. Are you sure? Thank you and I will absolutely tell everyone. Abbey

Thank you for the note. I received your earlier one as well - your explanations (on the site too) are crazy good! Charlotte

I just did my first Consolidation and submitted it for shipping. I love your website and how you approach business giving customers a lot of information; it gives the consumer comfort that PacMe is a fair provider. Congrats! Your service thus far stands above the rest! Rafael

You guys are awesome! We, our daughter, and the fluffy pink unicorn thank you. Charla

Dear Randy/Ken. Just received my shipments last night and wanted to thank you both for the amazing help/service! Thank you for packing the painting extra well-- the box arrived "slashed" so I was worried the painting will be damaged but it wasn't (It was also the first time I saw clothes packed behind a photo so GREAT JOB!) Really appreciate and wish you both all the best! :) you guys rock! cheers KY

So so happy with our carpet shipment! We received them in 6 days at such an affordable rate, packaged very well - very satisfied customers thank you!!!! Elisa

I receive my package today. Everything was packed very well and arrived safely. Thank you for being one of the most effective and customer focused business that I look forward to work with. Nasser

Ken – you are a superstar. Hand delivery options are a service that definitely goes above and beyond... Thank you ever so much.  I do just love everything about Pacme! Danielle

Dear Randy, Thank you for all the services, fortunately the package came in one day earlier and just in time. Everything was in great condition and perfect shape. Thank you for your awesome service. HM

Hi Ken, thanks for your help getting this shipment to us. Totally unexpected, but we really appreciate the service! Thanks again! Kori

Thanks for the responses! looking forward to receiving my items!! appreciate the level of service that I've had with pacme so far.. fantastic!  Grace

That is amazing Randy. You really didn't have to do that and I am happy to pay for your amazing service. But thank you very much. It is much appreciated. Have a great day, Kim

Ahhh ha ha - you’re hilarious. I hope it’s $31 just so I can see that one through! Seriously though, you two are incredible. Thank you so much. I will sing your praises again on FB. You know your stuff. I’ll let you know when it arrives (I promise to not be last minute mum next time!). Laura

Thanks so much Ken. My package was awaiting me on arrival from Cuba, all intact, very impressed.  Best wishes.  Heather

I received the package in Singapore, and everything was perfect and very nicely packed.  I can not thank you enough for the service you and your colleagues provided.  I was impressed with every part of the process from start to finish.  I'm so glad I found Pacme.  Thank you again for everything! Kim

Thanks for this - great service. GST was I think S$65 (Singapore dollars) Machine is great - already given it some great workouts. Peter

Thank you for taking note of that issue. Super for service on your behalf. I applaud you and your company for paying attention to details. I do have a transformer that converts 220v to 110v , this will allow me to charge the battery at 110V. Angela

Thanks for adjusting the amounts - I'll make a note of that for next time. Amazing service so far, thank you. Vicky

Thanks for the fuss-free experience! Will definitely ship via PacMe again. Regina


Hi Randy - could you just discard the one that is a "leaker"... Thanks so much for your conscientious approach, and your continuing excellence of service - I'm more "lazy" :-) Sincerely, Tom.

The box arrived today 30 December. Thank you so much for your superb service, as well as the reduced "SuperPac" charges! Wishing everyone at Pacme at very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Kind regards, Michelle

Hi Randy, thanks for a lot for pointing this out, really appreciate it! I would then go with the second option.  Thanks again for your help, Tim

Thanks so much for taking are of this shipment - it all sounds good and I remember your tip about the custom's list for next time. I'm looking forward to receiving my parcel and recommending your services to my friends! Thanks, Ruth

Thanks a lot Ken, for your extremely personal touch throughout this. Great job :)

Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I know I haven't shopped a lot of bulky items, but may do so in the future. Thank you again and I will definitively come back to you. Warm regards, Tanja

Just arrived, and bravo! what a fantastic service — very well done to you and the team. keep up the great work! Pete

Thanks so much for your ultra-fast response!!! Hugely appreciated! Thomas

You rock the casa Ken! Thanks for the quick fix and reply! Cannot wait to do some shopping!! Marie

Thanks guys, always a pleasure dealing with Pacme! Marc

Btw, don't you ever sleep? I get your replies really quickly at all times of the day. Thanks for everything, especially the advice provided. Cheers Eva

Thanks for your careful attention to the packing and shipping details. You guys rock! Eric

Thank u so much for the detailed email explanation. AJ

Thanks randy - please go ahead and post it. I appreciate the option, you guys are awesome. Brad

Thanks Randy. The Singapore package arrived yesterday. Thank you for all your assistance. I'll definitely be recommending PACME to others here. Richard

I must say I've been very impressed by the honesty, helpfulness and tone of your website and responses to queries. Cheers to a good job! Nicholas

Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help with our Christmas shipping. We got it all on December 24th!  Thanks! Erika

Thanks for your kind assistance. Really appreciate it. Adrian

Great! Thank you, Randy & Ken. There are more packages coming within the next few days. Thank you very much for being such a reliable partner. Have a wonderful day! Sylvia

Perfect, thanks Ken - what great service! :) I've added my credit card details. Thanks again for all your help. Cheryl

Thank you so much for the explanation, that all makes sense. I contacted the hotel, and they said they would be able to receive and keep my package for me.  Thank you again for being so helpful - this is a great service. Kimberly

Hi there, you are fabulous! And very professional! Maureen

P.S. you guys do incredible work! Dom

Thanks for your advise and all the wonderful help. Saved me a big pain from receiving these items in Singapore. AC

I must say I am well impressed with the customer service I'm getting, and I'm not easily impressed! :) Sheau

Wow, great service thank you! I would be so grateful if you could forward it on in your superpac. Please do charge me something though to cover the costs of your time and the singpost charge in Singapore. I will be happy to pay whatever a forwarder would charge such as vpost, they certainly wouldn't have provided such a personal service for me so its the least I can do! Thanks, Kathryn

That all sounds great. Thank you for all the amazing update with my order and for putting it on the 'right track' for delivery. Much appreciated!  Fantastic service :)  Sharon

Thanks for all your advice Ken on the voltage and I will purchase the transformer here in Singapore. I will keep the product and keep the transformer in the kitchen so it should be fine. Many thanks, Sasha

Awesome about the weight - you guys are great!  Thanks again for your help! Marisa

Thank you very much for your message. I will balance my account through PayPal immediately. Great service!!! Thank you!!! Sylvia

Haha no problem! Thank you for these lightning speed replies! Really appreciate it! Noelle

I received the parcel last week, thank you so much!! Really appreciate the effort you put in to make sure I got it before we travel at the weekend. Kathryn

Thanks so much Ken, you really do go into every detail which is much appreciated. Heather

Sorry about the credit card issue - we got new ones, so I've updated the expiry date. It should work now, but let me know if not. Have to say, thanks SO much for sending the package anyway. That was tremendous of you!! Season's greetings! Jody

It is a super business model you have, well thought out and timely.  HK is especially fortunate as it is a free port, for now!

Thank you soo much for the lovely service! Hope you had a good Christmas and new year! Malinda

Thank you so much for all your help. The packed arrived at our doorstep on Dec 1. Your charges (after super-consolidation) were much cheaper than what Hofcraft quoted me and I am grateful for all that you've done. Your company was recommended by a colleague at work and I will certainly use your services in the future when ordering more varnish.  Hui Koon

Wow, thanks! What amazing service, as always! AY

This service stands above the rest; great experience thus far! Raf

Thanks so much, yet again, for your above and beyond service! Merry Xmas! Jen

Terrific, thanks! ...Also, really appreciate the prompt and personalised replies. Feels like you're taking as much care as I would, so thank you! Jody

Thank you very much!! You guys have a great service !!  Hessam

You were so right! The missing items were inside the NIKE shoe box. Sorry to bother you!! Have a great Christmas...and thanks for your amazing customer service. :) Merridy

WHAT? As ALWAYS you have gone above and beyond. I literally have (pregnancy induced hormonal) tears. THank you!!!! Michelle

Wow! That's going above and beyond. If that is ok with you, it would be great. It is truly appreciated.  Take care - Kaarin

Thanks guys, as usual, a pleasure dealing with Pacme. Happy holidays ahead! Marc

I am impressed with the service your company provides and will certainly recommend it to anyone I meet who needs a delivery address in the US. I think the way you have set up the web management is superb and very user friendly. It is what influenced my decision to go with PacMe. Allan

Thank you so much for all your effort. I am really happy with your service. I will come to you again. Cheers, Jeng Chien

Received all my packages today (ahead of schedule and I must say I am very impressed with your packing skills! Thank you very much for the amazing service throughout- really appreciate! Katrina

Sorry for the late reply. Just wanted to say this is the second consolidation I've done with PacMe, and I absolutely love the service. Thank you for all the time and effort you go to - it is very much appreciated! Happy holidays! Kim

That's amazing. Thanks so much! Is there a limit on how long I can accumulate items at your storage facility before shipping? Thanks. Best, Melinda

Thank you for the quick response. Very pleased with the service I have had with PacMe and will use this service very much so in future... Regards, Malinda

Thanks for the speedy reply and kind explanation Ken! Appreciate it. Have a nice day ahead. :) Junquan

Wow, you were fast!! That's great, thanks a million :) Alexandra

Thanks! That's really helpful. Just wanted to make sure I understood how it worked before I start shipping anything. The FAQ was really useful as well! Best, M

Hi all, Just wanted to wish all the team in advance a merry Christmas and happy new year. You guys rock :-) Cheers, Luz

Wow you guys are the best! This is fantastic!! thank you so much for helping with the packing and the customs list. Some shorts I was able to get for a crazy price of $2.96 so yes you are right about the non-rounding off. It was such a pleasure working with PACME- yes please go ahead and send this out. Can you please advice best way to settle my bill? Ill get to it right away. For the lamp return, I will write to Target and check the process for return and let u know. Thanks again, really appreciate and will spread the word about PACME to my friends! :) Katrina

just wanted to say it all got here, no worries, I'm so impressed with the way you guys handle everything. cnt recommend you guys enough. Giles

Thanks! You guys are the best - great customer service. Happy holidays, hope it's not TOO crazy (but that's GOOD news!)! Katherine

Thanks so much for gettign back to me so quickly Ken, I really appreacite your help. I think a little more shopping is in order!!! Anna

All the 8 packages arrived and GST was how you stated. Thank you so much for all great work your company have provided me. Really made my shopping in US so easy and stress free. Thanks again, Helen

Thanks very much! I have received my items. Awesome service. :) Winnie

hi ken and randy, thank you SO much for your amazing service and for your great work in reducing that scary prepack estimate, haha! I really appreciated your willingness to travel to Dick's Sporting Goods and also hand deliver my item to Singapore. amazing!!! DV

Wow! that is a quick reply! thank you so very much for the info! we'll think it over:) Take care! Nadia

Thank you so much for reaching out. I'm ok timewise so the cheaper shipping Superpac option at $45 would be great.
Really appreciate you letting me know of this. You guys offer an amazing customer service. I now understand that your value lies in the bigger/heavier packages. I'm a total novice here but your guidance is a huge help. Thanks so much for a super service. I'll definitely be singing Pacme's praises to my friends in Singapore. Many Thanks again. Marie

Wow, that is amazing service. I'm so grateful. A huge thank you and happy Christmas to the Pacme team. Maria

WHAT?????? How do you guys do this???? I LITERALLY just consolidated. I guess my kids wont grow out of the Old Navy stuff before it gets here. What sorcery is this? (More reasons to brag on you guys...though I'm sure you're tired of it! LOL) MJ

Thanks so much again you guys really do go the extra mile, have been recommending you to everyone I know as I think the level of service you guys provide is amazin. Thanks again. Giles

Can I hug you? PLEASE. Those pickles. GASP. You couldnt have made me more happy. The arrived in perfect condition. and the packaging on this shipment was ridiculous. SO much stuff fit in there and packed so neatly. And for such a great price. (Not to mention my daughter is seriously excited her books and clothes finally came.) You are the greatest.

This is so kind from you to bring it back on the plane. This is actually the ultimate customer experience :)  Safe travels and thank you again, Severine

Thanks so much Ken. That is very kind and more than fair. I really appreciate the way you and your team handled the situation. Best regards, CC





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