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What’s up with the 1583 form?

"Mail" customers must submit a 1583 form to Pacme.

  • "Mail" customers are those who want Pacme to collect their letters, bills, and magazines that come via the US Postal Service.  You pay extra for this optional service.
  • As a mail customer, Pacme will registered your name and mailbox number with the US Postal Service.
  • Pacme is required to verify your identity and home address, usually by viewing two photo IDs and a utility bill.
  • Or, you can show these documents to a Notary Public and they will vouch for your identity.
  • Once verified, we will pass your name, but not your documents, along to the Post Office.
  • We must retain a copy of your 1583 form, and, if you submitted documents to us, we must retain a copy of them as well (but not if you used a Notary Public to verify your identity).
  • We understand that going to a Notary is a bit inconvenient.  We have petitioned the US Postal Service to allow us to verify your identity in other ways (e.g. via skype).

Standard, "packages only" customers do not need to submit a 1583 form, but it is usually a good idea to fill one out anyway.

  • FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other private carriers will always deliver your packages to your Pacme address. The 1583 form does not concern them.
  • Many online retailers will send your product in normal US Post Office envelopes, however, which technically go through the mail system, not the package system.  The Post Office may not deliver them if your name is not registered to your Pacme address.

What happens to my mail if I don't have a 1583 form on file with Pacme?

  • If you are not a "mail" customer, we will shred any mail that we receive in your name.
  • Technically, we shouldn't receive any mail because your name is not registered at the Post Office, but some of it comes through.
  • It is best that you sign up for electronic statements if you want to use your Pacme address as your billing address but do not want to become a "mail" customer.

 What is the 1583 Form?

  • All customers of the US Postal Service technically need to be registered.  When you receive mail routinely at your home or business, that usually suffices.
  • Pacme is considered a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA), which means that we accept mail on behalf of our customers.
  • The US Post Office requires verification of customers that use these services, due to security and fraud concerns.
  • That's the 1583 form.
  • We are required to verify your identity and home address in person or you can get verified at a Notary Public.
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