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The Packing Job

 Here's the summary of how we reduce dim weight. Dimensional Weight is caused by four issues: Half empty incoming boxes (e.g. any package from Amazon).  This is an easy fix: we remove your items and discard the shipping boxes. Low density items (e.g. foam, soft toys). We can squeeeeze ... read more..

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Tips and Tricks for International Shoppers in the US

Shopping should be fun.  There are several ways that it can become not so fun, which makes it even that much less fun when trying to deal with it from 10,000km away. Try to remove as many red flags as possible.   1. Here's a quick summary of some of the tips in this section: Use a VPN ... read more..

The fluffy pink unicorn

This is a story about how we are “in this together.”  It's helpful if you learn about some of the peculiarities of international shipping, not so you can do our job, but so you can shop smarter.  We’re here to help you avoid some of the pitfalls.  It’s a part o ... read more..

Customs forms

Who fills out the customs form? It's your choice, either you or Pacme can create the customs form for your outgoing package.  The customs' item list is the trickiest part of the shipment to coordinate between the two of us.  If you want us to do it, just check the box when you are orderin ... read more..

Use a VPN

Many websites reject orders made from computers with IP addresses outside the US.  Other retailers might direct you to their "international" store, where they often increase the prices and limit the availability of many items.   Since you are actually shipping your purchase to your US add ... read more..

What’s up with the 1583 form?

"Mail" customers must submit a 1583 form to Pacme. "Mail" customers are those who want Pacme to collect their letters, bills, and magazines that come via the US Postal Service.  You pay extra for this optional service. As a mail customer, Pacme will registered your name and mailbox number w ... read more..

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