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Get your dedicated US mailing address at PacMe's warehouse in tax-free Oregon.  We will store your packages and then repack all your items into a single box.  Repacking your items, not simply bundling your boxes, is what saves you the big bucks on international shipping.  It's the PacMe Way! 

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You can shop at any US online retailer, but we've put together a list of our favorite websites (see all).  Make sure you navigate to the retailer's US website, not their "international" store! Check out our shopping tips and tricks.

RawSpiceBar has a subscription service that delivers 3 freshly ground, exotic and global flavors from around the world for about $6/month.  Each box includes 3 kitchen-tested recipes and an origin & history of spices from that region.
Nature Box sells over 100 healthy snacks, delivered 5 bags per month for about $20. Each snack contains wholesome ingredients - with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.

Graze sells hundreds of all-natural snacks and even the packaging is eco-friendly. Each snack box costs about $7 and includes 4 snacks.
The Popcorn Factory sells flavored popcorn, such as Caramel Apple, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt, Toasted Coconut, and Drizzled Butter Toffee Almond Pretzel Mix. Yum! Popcorn triggers dim weight, so combine with other dense items.

Mouth is more than a snack club.  They source from local "indie" food nuts, making things like chocolate frogs and Bourbon Smoked Black Pepper. You can buy ala carte or in subscriptions.

Nibblr sells snack boxes for about $7, delivered with free domestic shipping.  You can rate each snack and over time they will learn your preferences.

Love with Food delivers monthly snacks based on seasonal themes for about $10 per box.

Cravory Cookies sells monthly suscriptions of dozens of creative cookies, such as Irish Caramel Coffee, Samoa Cheesecake, along with their staples of Ultimate Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel Cream, and Lemon Bar.

Imperial Tea was founded by an ordained Daoist priest and has traditional tea houses in San Francisco.  They know everything about the teas of China.  You can buy ala carte or join the tea of the month club.

Beer of the Month Club delivers 12 of your favorite microbrews each month.  They US and international beer, as well as rare finds. Beer is heavy, but we do have a license to ship it!

Lot 18 is all about wine.  It's a member-only club, but joining is free.

New Leaf Chocolates "searched the globe for the best in artisan chocolate bars, truffles and hot chocolate with a fondness for the best tasting organic products and socially responsible producers."  And you can buy it all on their website.

Craft Coffee uses a lot of technology to figure out "if you like this, then you will like this even better."  You can order coffee on a set schedule or buy ala carte.

Lemon Bird Jam makes jams and pickles from locally-grown produce in California.  Jams are made in small batches in traditional French copper jam kettles.  You can buy ala carte or sign up for their Jam of the Month Club.

  Please send us an email if you find a broken link to one of the stores or if you would like to suggest other websites for this list.



You shop online and have your packages sent to your dedicated US mailing address at the PacMe warehouse in tax-free Oregon. We will store your packages for up to 90 days and then repack all your items into one sturdy box, which we will ship to your address overseas. It's the repacking that saves you the big bucks on international shipping!  Check out all our tutorial videos here.


How it works How PacMe is different
• Get a US mailing address at PacMe • The others simply bundle your boxes
Shop online in the US. Fun! • We completely repack your items
• PacMe consolidates and repacks your items • We can often reduce dim weight by 80%
• Receive your consolidated package anywhere • PacMe saves you big bucks on intl shipping
Pricing When to use PacMe
• $2 fee per incoming package • When you have lots of packages
• $20 flat fee to consolidate and repack 4+ packages • When total weight is greater than 10kg
• $10 flat fee to consolidate 1-3 packages • When dim weight might be a problem
Repacking reduces the billable weight • When you want to save a lot of money
• Deep shipping discounts start at 10-15kg • When not to use PacMe (let's be honest!)




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