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Get your dedicated US mailing address at PacMe's warehouse in tax-free Oregon.  We will store your packages and then repack all your items into a single box.  Repacking your items, not simply bundling your boxes, is what saves you the big bucks on international shipping.  It's the PacMe Way! 

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You can shop at any US online retailer, but we've put together a list of our favorite websites (see all).  Make sure you navigate to the retailer's US website, not their "international" store! Check out our shopping tips and tricks.

Road Runner Sports, founded in 1983, has about 50 stores across the US and is the largest online running website.  They sell running and walking shoes, shorts, shirts, and nutrition products from all the top brands.
Running Warehouse has free 2-day shipping within the US and has a great liquidation center where you can get some awesome deals.  They sell the usual running shoes, running shorts, running shirts, and running keywords.
Kelly's Running Warehouse aims to have rock-bottom prices.  Amazing shoes at amazing deals.  They offer free domestic shipping but won't ship overseas, of course.  They have stores in about 15 states.
The Boulder Running Company is located in one of the best places to live for endurance athletes. World class athlete's work in their stores and the company has been a hotbed of innovation.
The American Running Company sells all the top running brands, such as Nike, Asics, Saucony, Mizuno, Brooks, Reebok, Adidas, and New Balance.  They also have specific sections for narrow, wide, control, stability, neutral and support.
Zappos is Amazon's shoe division.  They have every shoe imaginable. You might be able to find some good deals here.
Lulumon is owned by The Gap and is a favorite of many female runners, particularly for their clothing.  They also sell yogo clothes.  Ok, it's a clothing store, not a running store, but it's a famous brand and high quality.
But direct from Asics.
Buy direct from Saucony.
Buy direct from Brooks.
Buy direct from Nike.
Tri Sports sells triathelon gear for swimming, biking, and running.  They also have a nutrition and electronics shop.



You shop online and have your packages sent to your dedicated US mailing address at the PacMe warehouse in tax-free Oregon. We will store your packages for up to 90 days and then repack all your items into one sturdy box, which we will ship to your address overseas. It's the repacking that saves you the big bucks on international shipping!  Check out all our tutorial videos here.


How it works How PacMe is different
• Get a US mailing address at PacMe • The others simply bundle your boxes
Shop online in the US. Fun! • We completely repack your items
• PacMe consolidates and repacks your items • We can often reduce dim weight by 80%
• Receive your consolidated package anywhere • PacMe saves you big bucks on intl shipping
Pricing When to use PacMe
• $2 fee per incoming package • When you have lots of packages
• $20 flat fee to consolidate and repack 4+ packages • When total weight is greater than 10kg
• $10 flat fee to consolidate 1-3 packages • When dim weight might be a problem
Repacking reduces the billable weight • When you want to save a lot of money
• Deep shipping discounts start at 10-15kg • When not to use PacMe (let's be honest!)




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