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We have tried to make the fees simple to understand and as transparent as possible. 


Everyone pays 3 fees:

  1. $2 per incoming package.  This includes scanning the invoice, taking photos, and free storage.
  2. $20 flat consolidation fee.  We repack and consolidate items, not boxes. It's a flat $20 to consolidate as many items as you have. It's $10 to forward a single package or to consolidate up to 3, but we aren't a very good value for such small consolidations.
  3. International shipping fee.  We use primarily Fedex because we negotiated rates for our primary destinations. It's either Express (2-3 days) or Economy (4-7 days). Check out our Shipping Calculator for real-time estimates.

All the other fees are "optional," and you can see them on the Services & Fees page. We usually don't charge for them unless we are really busy.


Shipping cost per KG is as low as $5 for many major destinations, but note that you need to go big or stay home to save real money! 


Cost per KG 




Don't do it!  Read our "Go Big" FAQ. We are primarily a "consolidator" and "repacker," not a "forwarder."  We provide enormous value when we consolidate 5-10+ packages at a time, all sent from various vendors.  Our fees are $3 per incoming package and $20 to consolidate an unlimited number of packages, plus the international shipping fee.


When we re-pack the items from several packages, we can reduce the "billable" weight considerably, often cut it in half.  You can watch how we do this in a real life example: Dim Weight Tutorial.  Or see the PacMe Way proof.


For a single package, we don't provide much value. We would reduce the $20 "consolidation" charge to $10, but even then the value might not be there for many items.  In addition, our shipping fees are highly discounted at heavier weights, 20-60lbs (10-27kg), but not so much at the lower end.


Therefore, it doesn't make much sense to order a pair of shoes or a book and have us forward it on to you.  We will do it, of course, but it's important to warn you first!  You can check out our Shipping Calculator for real-time quotes from all the carriers.


Also check out the FAQ: go big or stay home.




Aunt Sally is probably your best solution if she is already coming to visit you.

  • She can stuff a couple extra suitcases with your stuff.
  • You won't have to pay any fees because Aunt Sally won't take your money.
  • Aunt Sally will slip through customs easily because who's going to stop Aunt Sally?
  • If something breaks, you won't get mad because how can you get mad at Aunt Sally for doing you such a kind favor?
  • Wouldn't it be nice if everyone had an Aunt Sally?


Otherwise, won't you feel a little guilty asking Aunt Sally to...

  • Wait at home, day after day, for the UPS truck to deliver your purchases.
  • Go to the Office Depot to buy a bigger shipping box, only to find out they only have flimsy boxes.
  • Cut open all your incoming boxes and repack your items.
  • Not call your mother and tell her that you bought that thing for your spouse for Valentines Day.
  • Stuff all the old cardboard boxes into the recycyling bin.
  • Go back to the store because she forgot to get packing tape.
  • Haul the big, heavy box to the UPS Store.
  • Or wait in line at the Post Office.
  • Fill out the customs form again because it changed for the hundredth time last week.
  • Get back into that long line.
  • Find out that international shipping for an individual consumer is ridiculously expensive.
  • Send the package to PacMe instead so we can forward it to you since our shipping rates are so deeply discounted.



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